DBSync's SkuVault connector allows you to integrate your data between SkuVault application and a back-office accounting application like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Sage and more. With SkuVault's simple interface, quality control features, and barcode scanners, warehouse workers can pick / pack / ship with confidence, and let SkuVault do the heavy lifting of maintaining inventory levels across your channels. Lowering human error means reducing out of stocks, mis-ships, and, ultimately, reducing negative marketplace feedback and increasing marketplace rankings and sales.
By integrating SkuVault with accounting software via DBSync, SkuVault clients will not only gain visibility into their existing customers and inventory levels, but it will also effectively automate order management and streamline systems for data accuracy and manual reconciliations.





  • Pre-Built connector supporting SkuVault API’s

    DBSync SkuVault Connector and template comes with the support for SkuVault API Support. In-built scheduling and queuing of data flow makes sure that critical business objects like Customer, Items, Invoices and Orders are not duplicated and integrity maintained.

  • Direct Connectivity

    The DBSync application provides a pre-built field map along with a flexible advance mapping capability and configuration capability. This will enable SkuVault customers to:

    • Track fulfilled items by Sales Order line item and/or Purchase line order items.

    • Easily extend, map and create new business processes and mappings.

    • Leverage DBSync’s out of the box integration to popular accounting and CRM apps to move data seamlessly between applications.

  • Built-in Template

    We provide a standard template to facilitate the integration of various objects between SkuVault application and supported accounting systems. Also supported are ability to customize and extend the templates using something as simple as mapping and data flow or advanced like ApiCode.

  • Support for API methods

    It has been built on new architecture i.e API management so that it supports wide range of API methods like Read Order, Update customers, Update Items, Update Transact, Get Queue and Update Order Status.


  • Suitable for:QuickBooks
    DBSync for SkuVault & QuickBooks Online is an easy to use integration template to integrate SkuVault Supplier, Item, Sales Order, Purchase Order with QuickBooks Vendors, Item, Estimate and Purchase Order respectively.
  • Suitable for:QuickBooks
    DBSync for SkuVault & QuickBooks desktop is an easy to use integration template to integrate SkuVault item, supplier, sales-order, purchase order with QuickBooks item, vendors, sales-orders and purchase order respectively.
  • Suitable for:Salesforce
    DBSync’s SkuVault and Salesforce integration solution helps you integrate two powerful applications: SkuVault, a leading WMS and Salesforce the CRM platform par excellence. This DBSync solution allows you to connect Salesforce Products and Orders with SkuVault Products and Sale Orders respectively.


DBSync connects to SkuVault through API calls, either web method or API methods should be exposed for other applications to consume it. The API’s translate calls as required by SkuVault specifications.

DBSync's standard template for SkuVault & Accounting integration provides an easy to use application to synchronize Customer, Vendor, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Item / Inventory and many more into your Accounting, eCommece and CRM apps.

DBSync has a standard Template built in for the clients of SkuVault , if the scope of work involves other than standard data flow supported by the template than addition integration should be written.

The valid account with SkuVault . For most on-premise accounting applications there might be a need of on-premise DBSync instance. Please check with our support team for more details.

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Number of Apps 2 More than 2
Customizable Mapping
Usage Limit (Records per Month) 5,000 50,000
Number of User Unlimited Unlimited
Data Flow Bi-directional Bi-directional
Customer Support Chat, Email Chat, Email, Phone
Premium Support $** $**

What Features Do You Get?


Number of Apps

More than 2

Customizable Mapping
Usage Limit (Records per Month) Unlimited
Number of User Unlimited
Data Flow Bi-directional
Customer Support Chat, Email, Phone
Premium Support $**

* Discounts available for Multi-Year Subscription. **Additional Cost Applicable.


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