Salesforce & QuickBooks Adapter provides you with capability to sync your Salesforce with QuickBooks. This adapter is capable of syncing data from Salesforce to QuickBooks and vice-versa. This adapter comes bundled with ready to use default mappings as:

  • Salesforce Accounts to QuickBooks Customer
  • Salesforce Product to QuickBooks Items (Service, Inventory, NonInventory)
  • Salesforce opportunities to QuickBooks Transactions (Invoice, SalesOrder, SalesReceipt, Estimate)
  • QuickBooks Customer to Salesforce Account
  • QuickBooks Transactions to Salesforce opportunities (closed won) [Invoice, SalesOrder, Estimate])
  • QuickBooks ReceivePayments to Salesforce Custom payment Object
This adapter supports almost all major versions of Salesforce like Salesforce Unlimited Edition, Salesforce Professional Edition, Salesforce Enterprise Edition and Salesforce Non-Profit Edition. This Adapter Supports All Major QuickBooks Version like QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks 2008 and later US, QuickBooks 2008 UK, Canada and Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Salesforce do you support?

Salesforce Professional Edition (with or without the products module), Enterprise Edition and the Non-Profit Edition

What versions of QuickBooks do you support?

  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks 2008 and later US versions
  • QuickBooks 2008 UK and Canada and later versions

Can I get a demo of DBSync?

You may try DBSync free Trial after going through the signup process. You'll then receive further instruction via e-mail.

Is DBSync bi-directional?

Yes, you also have control to make DBSync uni-directional within the configuration screen if you choose.

Is DBSync a On demand model or On Premise Model?

DBSync can be used as on demand or as an on premise model also.

When is a QuickBooks transactions like Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice,Credit Memo generated?

A transaction in QuickBooks will be created once an Opportunity in Salesforce is marked ‘Closed Won.’ This will happen on the next synchronization.

How frequent the sync takes place?

The sync can take place for a minimum of every 5-10 mins. This can be scheduled and configured in your QuickBooks WebConnector.

What transaction types can we generate in QuickBooks from Salesforce?

  • Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Reciepts
  • Credit Memos
  • Estimates
  • With Customization you can generate Purchase Order, Time sheets.

If I create one of the above transactions in QuickBooks, what will happen in Salesforce?

A ‘Closed Won’ Opportunity will be generated in Salesforce.You can enable or disable this business process from within DBSync

Can DBSync support Product Hierachy?

Yes, DBSync supports product hierarchy within salesforce.com as it is supported in QuickBooks

Can DBSync Support generating Invoice based on schedule?

Yes, DBSync can support invoice generation based on product schedule within salesforce.com

Can DBSync be customized and can it integrate Custom object and custom fields?

Yes, DBSync is a complete flexible solution which can be customized as per to your unique business process.